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You can get this version for as low as $9,700 as of November 2016 at The deep sea D blue is currently retailing at $13,695 and it's extremely difficult to get as it is a special edition but for as low as $12,800 as of November 2016, we can get this watch for you at You can purchase both of these watches directly from our website,, and the links to the watches are in the description below. So before we start I will let you know we'll be doing a comparison between the dial, the case, the bezel and the bracelet and additionally the movement. And then we'll talk about a couple special features that see two deep seas have. So starting off with a comparison I want to strike out the heart of the matter, the dials. As you can see the dials are really the only real difference between the two deep seas. On the left we have the black deep sea, which is a standard basic Rolex maxi dial which has a 30% larger arrow markers. On the right we also have the maxi dial but it's, it has that 30% larger arrow markers but this one is a special edition James Cameron edition.

So what does James Cameron have to do with the deep sea? And the absurd retail price? Well first off the James Cameron partnered with Rolex in the National Geographic society to produce a film called The Deep Sea Challenge in which he takes a specifically, or rather a specially built submarine into the Marina Trench and he takes it down about 11,000 meters. The dial is a tribute to the challenge with that nice blue at the very top and it really just blends into the black abyss down here as a symbolism of that descent from the top of the ocean down below. The deep sea is also colored in a bright green coloring as a tribute to that original submarine that James Cameron used for that deep sea challenge. So this deep blue deep sea was specifically made in tribute for James Cameron and why is that important? Well even Rolex, heavily sponsored Rolex superstars such as Steve McQueen for the Explorer 2 or Roger Federer don't have specifically specialty Rolexs made for them. So this is truly a watch collectors' items in terms of being the special edition. Okay so moving on we have the case. The case is a 44 mm in diameter. 44 mm in diameter case made out of Rolex's in hous tag heuer replica watches review e 904 L steel which is much stronger in comparison to the industry standard of 316 L steel. Okay, the thickness of the watch is 17.7 mm. Has a very high profile but really is a very bold statement on your wrist and it's very nice. 5.5 mm of that is a sapphire crystal which is scratch resistant with a little magnification of the dial because of the thickness of that sapphire crystal. As you can see the magnification that usually is for the date, Cyclops usually sits at the right on top of the date, it's not needed here because of that thickness of the sapphire adding that little magnification. The back of the case is kept off with a grade five titanium as you can see with a darker grayish color at the top, topping off the case for extra durability. The water resistance of these deep seas are engraved on around the back of the case with that 12,800 feet or 3,900 meters, same on the deep blue on the right here. So let's go ahead and go on to comparing the bezels. The bezels in comparison are the same here as well. They both utilize a black circone bezel with 60 minute platinum applied gradation all around. The bezel is incredibly scratch resistant but it is susceptible to cracking if damaged. Let's go ahead and move on to the bracelets now.

So the bracelets are also made of that Rolex in house 904L steel and it has a beautiful sand finish over it. The noose heavy style bracelet that Rolex has for these bracelets uses a safety foiling oyster class as you can see here, I'll demonstrate. And you pop out this is the safety here and this is the oyster. The oyster sits nicely like that and the safety comes down on that. swiss movement replica watch Additionally I also want to demonstrate the glide lock feature which is additionally for the new heavy style bracelets. It's a very nice feature used for extending the bracelets in 2 mm increments up to 20 mm. As you can see here the back of the bracelet pops out like this and on the back of the class opens up like that and you can just very easily just slide that, lock however you like, very good for adjusting for specifically for wet suits but for every day use if you know your wrist swells up or contracts or if you're planning on giving this to a friend it removes the need for a jeweler to have to remove a bracelet link or add a bracelet link just to make this watch fit. Okay. So let's go ahead and talk about the movement and a couple of special features that these watches have. The movement of these watches are 31 35, 31 35 movement which allows for replica watch oris the quick set date feature. That means the date there,

the 3 o'clock position, can be set very easily by use of the crown. The movement is very basic because these watches were built with more durability in mind, it's kind of like having submarines on your wrist. The bezel is a second feature as it's a uni directional bezel that turns to the left and I'll go ahead and demonstrate that now. So the point of the bezel is to track for elapsed time. As you can see here the minutes is at the 55, close to the 55 mark. You can go ahead and adjust the arrow to that 55 mark and if you were to go diving you can track how long you've been gone or for your every day use for a parking meter perhaps you can track from when you started and how long has elapsed by the 60 minute gradation all around, or graduation all around. Okay go ahead and reset that. So really the choice is down to the dial. I personally think it's well worth the price because of the gradation from the blue to replica rolex watches amazon the black.

It's just a very very beautiful and it's absolutely stunning. Definitely it is a good conversation piece as well because of that whole James Cameron. So if you have the extra cash I would definitely go with the deep blue. That dial is just absolutely gorgeous. But the black is still a solid, black is still a solid choice as well. It's very versatile and with suits and casual wear. But for whatever you decide these are both high quality Swiss watches that you can f ind them on We offer the lowest prices guaranteed, free shipping and a one year warranty. If you liked the blog please like and subscribe below and thanks for read, how to check fake watches hope to see you guys soon.hello everyone and thanks for tuning in here we have a Used Rolex gmt-master tool in stainless steel model number 1167 10 its forty millimeter with the blue and black bezel better known replica watches for cheap as military replica watches the Batman has the engraved bezel black dial and the blue 24 our second time zone aired thanks for readThank you for read this blog.

This is the Rolex Day-Date 2 reference 218238 also known as the Rolex president 2 This model has the white dial with gold roman numerals and has inner bezel engraving A sapphire crystal It has the 18 carat gold fluted bezel and the 18 karat gold 41 millimeter case The case the best swiss replica watches sites measures 13 mm thick and is 20 millimeters between the lugs and the height of is 47.5 millimeters The movement is the 3156 with the parachome bleu hairspring the watch is water resistant to 100 meters or 330 feet it has the Rolex president bracelet with the hidden clasp Thank you for read and please subscribe for more blogs and updates Also please visit the Sant Blanc website for more informationThis is Watch Your Style. My name is Eric. Today's review is on the Richard Mille RM 011 Red Kite. Now the Red Kite, just like the Red Demon that I've done a review on before, is a limited release of the RM11 with only 30 pieces. Just like the Red Demon as well, it has a higher retail than the standard one. Retail at $160,000. And it's pretty much the same exact watch, just a couple of different combinations. Now, let me tell you something.

Out of all the different special edition RM-11s, this tends to be my favorite. This thing is amazing! The dial, the color that it has, it's got this all black going on here with the top in gold. Gold buttons, gold crown, gold piece inside the rotor and the dial configuration, it's just totally different. It's got the gold hands with the gold numbers and it's just, my God, they really hit it with this combination. Other than that, that's watch copies replica watches pretty much the only difference. Any time you hear RM11 this RM 011 that, it's always going to be pretty much the same base watch, for the exception of the GMT, because the GMT obviously has a whole another complication. But all the other ones are pretty much the same thing. What changes is just the configurations of the colors and the combinations. And out of all the different ones out there, believe it or not, my favorite one is this Red Kite. It just looks amazing. I love that dial combination with the gold hands and the gold numbers, along with the gold base of the buttons and the crown, man you can't even beat it. I like it! Like I was saying earlier, this is like when you want to wear an RM 011 that's like the next step level, then that's when you go with these special edition 30 pieces. And the Red Kite to me is my favorite one of all. This is pretty much buy this and I don't even think you need to go any further with the brand. That's all you need. What else do you need from them? I guess you could go with some of the serious, serious pieces.

I guess just for me personally, after this, I would need the RM56. If you liked this blog, don't forget to like and share. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric, Watch Your Style!Rolex is one of the easiest watches to repair, actually. You repair it a bit, and it will work on its own. Reportedly, the motto of Rolex was to build strong and accurate watches, rather than complicated watches. Every time a new watchmaking technology was introduced, Rolex was the first to apply it and manage the know-how. Customers recognize this, and that's why the brand's image is highly appreciated. I think watches are one of the most durable accessories that we can possess. In fact, they're not really about technology or keeping time.

Because if that were the case, Japanese digital watches should have dominated the market.This is Watch Your Style. Today I'm gonna be reviewing the Jacob & Co Twin Turbo. So this is one of the latest releases by Jacob and Co and it's called the Twin Turbo. Now, obviously it has a car inspirational theme and for me personally, I always like to pair watches with cars and compare them. And this particular watch to me makes me feel like I'm wearing a Bugatti on the wrist, OK? This is the first minute repeater with double, triple axis tourbillon, and for me this is the main focus from the watch. Because it's located on this lower part of the case which faces you, I feel that's the main focus of the watch. Now, the finish is beautiful like all of Jacob's releases, and overall it has a good size and sits on the wrist correctly. It has a 72-hour power reserve and with this combination of ceramic and titanium, I just feel like it's in the crazy watch category, but it has a very super sport feel to it. It's just an overall a very sporty watch. Now, the overall layout of the dial is a very aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. It has a sapphire crystal dial with the numbers printed on it and it shows the full movement skeletonized which for everything to see. Well finished. Like I said, very racing looking. One of fake rolex from dhgate the things that I like about this watch, believe it or not, is to actually wind up the watch, they actually put a little crank that you open up and spin. The end is shaped like a gear.

You put it out one more position out like a standard crown and then you can adjust the date. I mean it's just something different. When you're thinking outside the box, you have to push the envelope. If not we'll always gonna have the same watches with the same designs and the same thing. To activate the minute repeater, you got this again car inspired button here that flips right up, activates the minute repeater and it's good to go. So overall, it's just another example of how Jacob is pushing the envelope and is showing different and different new models over the years. Now, one of my favorite things of this watch is the back of the case. I mean, beautiful finish overall. I'm a sucker for anything that's black and red in case you guys didn't know that. But it has a very nice finish in the back of this watch and I think overall, it's a really cool looking watch if you're looking for something that's very sporty and lands in the crazy watch category. With a retail price of $360,000 and limited to 18 pieces, this watch would definitely put you in the game, the crazy ice watch replica free shipping watch game that is. So if you're interested in buying a piece of this nature, contact me at and feel free to leave me comments on this blog tag heuer monaco steve mcqueen replica watch how you feel about the Jacob & Co Twin Turbo. And if you liked this blog, please like and share.

Also, remember to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric, Watch Your Style!Hi, my name is Eric, and thank you for joining us here at Watch Your Style. Today I want to go over some simple steps on how to wind your Rolex and set the date and time. Alright, let's start off with the Submariner and the Datejust II. Both of these watches are going to take the same technique to wind up and to set the date and time. To set the time on the Rolex Submariner, it's very simple. A couple of easy steps will make it happen. Now...the same procedure is going to be used for a Datejust, both 41mm and 36mm and the Yacht-Master I. The first thing you want to do is unscrew the crown. Now, turning the crown backwards or this, a couple of turns...and it's gonna pop out open. This is now in the winding position. If the watch has been sitting for a while and has no winding, you gonna have to wind the mechanism up to tension the spring.

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Two fingers is always the best way to do it, so you don't put unnecessary stress with one finger. Two fingers, you're going to do 15. One, see, one time up is what I call one, so 15 of these will be more than enough to wind it up correctly. From that point the automatic function will take over. A lot of questions are...can I wind my watch if it goes backwards. When you turn this backwards or counterclockwise, it does not do anything. Only when you turn it forward or clockwise is when it winds. You'll feel the tension on the crown and you'll hear it as well. Once that's already done, the next step is let's go ahead and set the date. Move the crown out one more click out and you get the date function. Again, if you turn the crown backwards or counterclockwise, it doesn't do anything. You gotta go forward or clockwise. We'll go ahead and sets this to say the 30th. Right there. Now it's time to set the time.

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